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Shay Galor is a dynamic and energetic actor from Toronto, Canada. She began performing theatre in her teens and moved on to become a professional Salsa dancer, performer, choreographer, instructor and CEO of the largest salsa dance school in Canada.  

Shay has trained at the Centre for the Arts, Sears & Switzer and Armstrong Acting Academy  to strengthen her on-camera acting skills.  She has recently been cast in several films in both Leading and Supporting roles including the full length feature films A Snowy Season, Twisted Pieces, The Haunt and Minotaur as well as several shorts including the acclaimed American Drone, Boxed In, Short End and Shipwrecked.   In addition, Shay has been featured in several commercials, music videos, web series and print including the lead in four Tylenol commercials.

Shay is available for projects around the Greater Toronto Area and can also travel abroad.  Enthusiastic, hardworking and extremely professional, Shay is looking forward to speaking with you further about any opportunities that you may have available.